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New Invesitigators from the Hypatia University Library
New Invesitigators from the Hypatia University Library

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"Papa Jon" Christensen, Breezy "That's Not a Nickname" Dugan, "That Which is Gene" Morris, "Battlin'" Mark Shute, Jeff "Captain Columbia" Stier, and "Sneaky" Bill Voshel.

We were dubbed the "Laurel Cadre" in 1998 by the Maryland LARP Society, after descending upon their Vampire LARP and promptly becoming the Coterie to watch (and to watch out for). Though most of us have left the LARP scene, we continue to role play (more or less together) under that moniker on a weekly basis. The game, the GM, and the basement change frequently, but the fun and camaraderie have remained consistent since 1994. The custom character sheets, JavaScripts and other resources you find on this site were designed for our own use, based on our own style and our own house rules. They've been made available to the rest of the world in the unlikely event that someone else might find them useful or amusing.

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